We aim to grow as a multi-regional, vertically integrated cement producer, combining an entrepreneurial spirit and operational excellence with respect for people, society and the environment.

TITAN Overview

Foundations for Growth built on a responsible approach

TITAN Group has been in business as an independent cement and building materials producer for more than 11 decades. In that time, we have expanded beyond our Greek roots to become a multi-regional business operating in four distinct geographies.

Headquartered in Athens, Greece, the Group employs 5,501 people worldwide and sells products to 36 different countries.

Our principal products are cement, ready-mix concrete and aggregates. We also produce concrete building blocks and dry mortars, we process fly ash (ProAsh®), and we provide alternative fuel and waste management services through GAEA, our Bulgarian joint venture with American environmental and alternative energy company, Evolution Environmental Group LLC.

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thumbnail map U.S.A.
Turnover €m
pie chart: 40%	€468.9m
pie chart: 26% €46.5m
Total assets €m
pie chart: 31% €880.9m


Greece and Western Europe

thumbnail map Greece and Western Europe
Turnover €m
pie chart: 25% €284.9m
pie chart: 20% €37.1m
Total assets €m
pie chart: 21% €583.4m


Southeastern Europe

thumbnail map Southeastern Europe
Turnover €m
pie chart: 18% €207.8m
pie chart: 37% €67.1m
Total assets €m
pie chart: 18% €492.4m


Eastern Mediterranean

thumbnail map Eastern Mediterranean
Turnover €m
pie chart: 17% €196.8m
pie chart: 17% €30.9m
Total assets €m
pie chart: 30% €854.5m


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How TITAN builds value

Delivering value far beyond the cement plant

The way we do business is defined by our approach to long-term value creation. From the quarrying of raw materials to the distribution of finished products, we provide a complete solution for our customers and a fair deal for our suppliers, while protecting local community and environmental interests.

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Value created

  • High quality of products and services to customers
  • Stable and secure long-term employment
  • Concrete structures for society
  • Financial benefits to stakeholders

Employees1 m


Taxes to state and local authorities €m


Shareholders and minorities €m


Capital expenditure €m


Local and international suppliers €m


Environmental expenditure2 €m


  • (1) To employees for salaries, pensions and social benefits, including additional benefits beyond those provided by law.
  • (2) Part of the environmental expenditures is included in the total of capital expenditures.
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How TITAN builds value

Engaging with stakeholders

The Group’s sustainable growth depends on balancing short-term and long-term interests. In line with our strategic priorities, we adapt our policies and practices to local market needs. This means understanding and responding proactively to the needs of the individuals, organizations and businesses with whom we interact.

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Stakeholder engagement process

Infographic illustrating the stakeholder engagement process
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Corporate Governance

Good governance is a pre-requisite for achieving exceptional performance and it is a critical part of integrating best-practice into everything we do. We adhere to international and European standards, and in many instances we go beyond local legal requirements.

Since 2010, we have officially adopted the UK Code of Corporate Governance and we currently abide to its’ September 2012 update.

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Organizational structure

Infographic illustrating the organizational structure
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